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The Winners And Losers Of The Winter That Wouldn't Quit


Lynchburg, VA - This just seems to be the winter that won't quit. With yet another winter storm hitting our area on Thursday, it seems we've all had it with this season of perpetual snow.

But this year's snow came with good and bad. There were some big winners this season, and some that are ready to say so long, to this, long winter.

"I hate it. I'm excited for it to be over with and the warm weather to be here" said one man.

"I'm from North Carolina, haven't been able to go home, it's just been a tough winter" said another.

Tough and taxing on winter weather finances, "We've had a lot of small storms that have really cut into that budget. We are certainly taking our brunt this year" said Paula Jones of the Lynchburg VDOT district.

The brunt of the winter storms fell on VDOT finances. Jones explained that VDOT's winter budgets are busted. The department exceeded its $157 million snow removal budget, by more than $100 million.

Now, the department has to cut corners.

"We'll take a look at equipment purchases and push off equipment purchases till later on, into the earlier part of the next fiscal year. We'll look at some of our service contracts and maybe push some of those off or eliminate some of those" said Jones.

But the snow hasn't been all bad.

"We've sold out of shovels multiple times, a lot of shovels we'd been sitting on for a long time" said Paul Overstreet of Lynchburg's True Value Hardware.

"We've sold out of ice melt a number of times. That's been back ordered for weeks" he said.

True Value estimates sales during this winter are four times what they were last year.

"It's been pretty good" said Overstreet.

But for the rest of us, this will go down as the winter that wouldn't quit.

"It's been hard to get to work, too much ice, snow. I'm definitely ready for spring to come" said one woman.

And this winter has been a headache for schools as well. Lynchburg City Schools have one remaining snow day before they begin to cut away at days off. Appomattox County is already over, students there will be coming in a couple of days later this month, to make up lost time.

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