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Danville Police On Lookout For 45 Missing Manhole Covers


Danville, VA - Dozens of manhole covers are disappearing in Danville and now police are on the lookout for whoever is behind it.

At the end of February, 33 were reported stolen, along the pipeline that runs adjacent to Water Street and Wrenn Drive.

So far police say the string of thefts has left over 45 manholes open around the city. They are all in remote areas. It is a big danger and very expensive. Police say it is costing the city over $15,000 to fix and replace them.

Police say the cover and often the support frame are missing. In total, that is around 400 pounds of metal each. Police suspect the suspects are scrapping them. Since the covers are labeled as property of the city of Danville, some have been recovered and returned., but not all of them.

The average man hole is six feet deep. So police are warning everyone to be extra careful.

"You have open sewer covers. Children could easily fall in and be injured, it's a hazard as far as animals go. They have covers on them for a reason," said Cpt. Dennis Haley, Danville Police Department.

Each of the 45 stolen manhole cover thefts is a felony. Police are not sure if there is more than one person stealing them. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at (434)793-0000.

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