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Researchers Develop Test That Could Predict Alzheimer's Disease


Lynchburg, VA- Researchers have developed a test to figure out who is most at risk for developing Alzheimer's disease.

This test is reportedly 90 percent accurate. A study released in early March said Alzheimer's disease has claimed the lives nearly half a million Americans so this test could be life altering.

Here's how the test works: A person would get a blood test from their doctor that would tell them whether or not they could develop the disease.

Researchers have developed a test that looks for ten substances in the blood known as cell membrane lipids.

They believe these substances may be connected to the breakdown of certain cells in the brain and they find that people who have lower levels of these substances are more likely to develop mental decline within three years.

So if they can test for these substances, they can find out if a person is at risk.

People were all over the spectrum when asked if they'd get the test.

"I just think as we get older and age you know it's probably a good thing to remember," said one person.

"No I would not because I'm terrified of needles," was the response another person gave.

"Probably not," said another.

"Absolutely, I'd love to know what the future may have in store and hopefully it could be a preventative type thing," was another answer given.

Researchers want to make it clear that this test is likely years away. It still needs to be validated by other labs and get approval for use.




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