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Danville City Jail Sees Lowest Overcrowding Since May


Danville, VA - There is a little more breathing room in the Danville City jail, but not much. On Tuesday, the jail reached its lowest number of inmates since May of last year but they are still at 27% over capacity and that brings a lot of challenges.

They counted 271 inmates Tuesday. Just last week, they were at 45% over. They got to 355 inmates in October of 2012.

271 may seem like just a number, but inside the Danville city jail, it means overcrowded cells, mattresses on the floor, and challenges.

"You've got guys on the floor. You got to step over top of them...people by the side of the toilet stool. It's just very crowded in there," said Eric Witcher, inmate.
Witcher has been behind bars since January for a probation violation. His cell should house 26 inmates. Right now, it has 32.

"There are times when I've seen up to about 40 guys in a dorm. Guys under the TV, lined up under the wall, then the back lockers back there they all lined up back there," said Witcher.

 Witcher says more people to a cell means more tension.

"When it's overcrowded, like I said, it just causes problems," said Witcher.

 Sheriff Mike Mondul says the jail has been over capacity since 2009. The recent decrease in inmates helps.

"Right now, it looks like the stars are aligning to help us a bit," said Mondul.

They still are above their listed capacity, costing taxpayers more money and staff more difficulties.

"It's a challenge for our folks and to be able to manage these positions," said Mondul.

Mondul tells us they are up to the challenge and are able to serve the jail the best they can. He says another deputy position will be available in the next month, which should help.

The large number of inmates can likely be attributed to police catching more criminals and the justice system prosecuting them.
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