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Family to Repair Historic Garland Hill Home After Wall Collapse


Lynchburg, VA -  If you have driven through the Garland Hill Historic District in Lynchburg you may have seen the house with a gaping hole.

The entire side of the house is still missing more than a month after the foundation and walls crumbled. All the pieces from the Stump family's life together still sit in the rubble. 

"As a family we're doing everything we can to move forward," said Stump.

Pictures still hang on the crumbling wall as reminders of the room where Jonathan Stump has lived since he was born. It has been more than a month since one side of the house on Harrison Street came crashing down.

"Every time I come home from school and from work having to rethink that tragedy that happened about a month ago," said Stump.

Building Official Doug Saunders says the collapse came from weakening mortar in the brick structure.

"These old houses, the mortar was lime based mortar and the more water damage it sustains the mortar just gave out basically," said Saunders.

Initially, the entire duplex was condemned, but now the city has made certain the other side is safe, so the family is able to live there.

"We're glad that we can stay at our home. We're trying to go through the process of getting everything rebuilt, it's still a standstill process right now," said Stump.

The historic home has been standing in Garland Hill since the 1800s. Stump said General Garland himself built the house for out of town guests to stay in.

"It's in a historic district, it's got some historic significance and we hope that they'll be able to save the building," said Saunders.

Now, the hope for the city and the Stump family is that the structure will be stabilized and rebuilt.

"It's very important to the city that this house be fixed," said Saunders.

Saunders said it is important to be sure historic properties are well maintained and that things like water leaks are not left un-attended.

The Stumps do not have insurance and are searching for grants to apply for that will help them fund the repairs.


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