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South Boston Police Speak Out About Cemetery Thefts


South Boston, VA - South Boston Police say they will do all they can to stop whoever's been stealing vases from a local cemetery.

According to police, the thief or thieves have taken 100 brass vases from Halifax Memorial Gardens - which can sell for up to $20 a piece.

Joyce Deal comes to visit her son Andrew's grave as much as she can.

She has seen items placed on these graves come and go within the last few years.

"I just don't really understand it, " Deal said.

When she noticed small tokens of love being taken from Andrew's grave, Deal says she moved on - thinking the thief would eventually regret his actions.

"I just figured, every time they looked at it, they would remember where they got it from, " Deal said, but others have gone to police.

In January, Linda King reported 4 flags that had been stolen from her husband's grave that sits feet away from Andrew's.

"I just cannot understand why somebody would bother his grave. Why don't they just let him rest in peace," King said.

Police say this newest series of thefts is all about the money. They found that the only flower vases disturbed were those made of solid brass - which are unique to this cemetery.

"This particular cemetery has those as opposed to the rest of them in town that really don't have many of those," said Investigator Randy Redd.

Redd says police will be patrolling the area more heavily, but he hopes the thieves won't get far while trying to sell the vases for cash.

"Reputable salvage places are going to recognize it for what it is and anyone showing up with a large number of these, most places won't accept that," Redd said.

Police do want to keep those reports coming in for any other thefts from that cemetery.

To file a police report, contact South Boston Police or call the Halifax County Crime Line at 434-476-8445.
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