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UPDATE: Jury Recommends 35 Years for Scott Miles


Update: 11:30 a.m.: A Lynchburg jury has recommended Scott Miles serve 35 years in prison for the murder of Lynda Slocum.

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UPDATE: 6:55 PM - Scott Miles has been found guilty.

It was a powerful final day in the court room for Scott Miles's murder trial.  The jury heard from multiple witnesses that placed Miles in Lynchburg the night Slocum was murdered.

They described him as nervous anxious and bug-eyed. Two witnesses said they saw miles even throw up. This came after new evidence - phone records - showing Miles was missing for an hour the night his mother-in-law was killed.

Phone records show him on I-64 outside of Charlottesville an hour and a half to two hours before the murder.  He was not heard from or seen again until two and a half hours later on surveillance video at the Bedford Avenue 7/11.

Additionally on Wednesday, the jury heard from a crime scene analyst, saying clues at Slocum's home pointed to the murder being executed by someone close to her.

The analyst also said the murderer attempted to stage the scene - breaking glass on the basement door, rummaging through the bedroom furniture, but one key clue - not a single item was stolen from her home.


UPDATE: 5:25 PM - The jury is now deliberating.



UPDATE: March, 19, 2014 Lynchburg, VA - Today in the Scott Miles murder trial, the prosecution's last round of witnesses told the jury how he was acting the night of December 19th, 2012.

This morning, witnesses described seeing Miles looking anxious and jittery while in Lynchburg.

Multiple witnesses also told the court they saw Miles throw up twice before he drove back to Richmond.

The prosecution is expected to rest today.


Lynchburg, VA - The trial for a man accused of killing his 86-year-old mother-in-law in Lynchburg has begun.  Jurors returned to the courtroom Tuesday morning to hear more testimony.

Scott Miles is charged with the first degree murder of Lynda Slocum.

Prosecutors say Miles was using heroin and drove to Slocum's home to borrow money. They say she wouldn't give him any and he lashed out.

In December of 2012, police found Slocum's body inside her home on Ravenwood Drive.

Prosecutors claim her neck had been snapped, spinal column broken, and several ribs were cracked.

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