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Grocery Prices Continue To Rise


Roanoke, VA - Food prices rose to the highest level since 2011 according to new numbers by the Department of Agriculture.

Several factors are contributing to the higher prices, including the drought in California, fuel prices, and big business.

Overall food prices rose four-tenths of a percent in February with nothing but bad news, in that category, moving forward.

Bad news for Dolly Gearheard who is already cutting certain food from her budget.

"Don't have steak very often and bacon has gone through the roof. Just about every meat you want to eat has gone up," said Gearheard.

Get used to it.  February saw grocery prices spike to highs last seen in September 2011.  The latest increase led by beef and veal prices.  Produce prices are up as well.

Fred Najjum's family has owned Roanoke Food and Produce for four generations.

"Things will get tighter. Prices will go up like just like everything else goes up. Like I said, most of that is attributed to fuel costs," said Najjim.

Ironically stable fuel prices in February offset other issues that caused food to rise.

How long that will last is anyone's guess.

One thing for sure; diseased pork, a shortage of grain for cattle, drought, fuel costs, supply and demand - all will continue driving your bottom line for the rest of the year.

"Especially senior citizens... young people. I don't know how they they're affording it. You know, if you have children, it's just awful," said Gearhard.

While there has been concern of major produce price changes because of the California drought, Najjim said his California growers say there is no expectation of a shortage this year.

However, the Department of Agriculture says groceries will likely continue to rise another 3.5% this year.

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