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Danville Man Pled Guilty For Trying to Sell Crocodile


Danville, VA - A Danville man pledguilty Thursday for attempting to sell a crocodile that he was keeping in hishouse. Jackson Robertson says he owned the three foot crocodile for years butgot in trouble when he put it on the market in December.

Robertson says he got the crocodilethree years ago in South Carolina. He says she quickly grew to three feet longbut he believes she was never a danger.

Robertson says he never would haveexpected this three foot long crocodile that he kept in his house to harmanyone. But when he tried to sell her, he was the one getting hurt.

"I messed up, I knew I did. Itcould be a lot worse," said Robertson.

While Robertson considered Lilly apart of the family, he decided to give her up when he needed money and had ababy.

According to Danville'sCommonwealth's Attorney Michael Newman, Robertson put the crocodile for sale onCraigslist for $1,000.

Instead of a buyer, he attracted theDepartment of Game and Inland Fisheries. Not knowing the interest was fromauthorities, they arranged to meet at the Danville Mall parking lot.

That's when Robertson faced chargesfor offering to sell a wild animal.

"It was a risk I was willing totake, I didn't realize how illegal it was to sell one in Virginia, something Iam definitely not going to do again," said Robertson.

Robertson tells us he used to letthe crocodile out of her tank and sometimes even in the backyard.

"I would hold her on the couchand I would watch TV holding her and everything," said Robertson.

While neighbors had no ideawhat lived nearby, many say they're now glad it's gone.       

"What if it actually would havegot out, it would have hurt someone. That's serious," said KymikaGiggetts, neighbor.

Robertson says Lilly now livesat a North Carolina zoo.

"I wanted her to go to a goodhome," said Robertson.

In court Thursday, Robertsonreceived four years suspended with 18 months probation and three years of goodbehavior.

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