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'Noah' Flooded with Controversy before Hitting Theaters


Lynchburg, VA - After several failed attempts, Russell Crowe has finally received the pope's blessing for his latest film Noah. But he has yet to receive the blessings of some Christian groups who disagree with movie's deviation from the Old Testament - and also what they say is a hidden environmental agenda.

Noah's director Darren Aronofsky - who also directed The Black Swan - is a self-described atheist.

"You hear about Darren Aronofsky doing Noah and those two things don't seem to go hand in hand because Darren does these very dark, very intense, very gritty, and very real films," said Noah actress Emma Watson.

Aronofsky describes Noah as the 'First Environmentalist.' One early review says the movie is stuck between being a straightforward Biblical epic and an art house film.

Lynchburg resident Travis Early says he's always been drawn to the story of Noah and notes that the story is brief... leaving room for interpretation. "Taking the liberty to explain what might of happened. I've seen the previews, there was a king and historically there would've been a king." Said Early

Teresa White and her daughter Savannah say they are interested to see how the movie interprets the biblical story.

No matter the interpretation, they say they are glad the message will be shared on the big screen.

Teresa White "I think that if someone goes sees that and it sparks their interest and they start reading more and end up believing in God, then that was a win win." said Teresa White.

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