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Search Warrant: Witness Saw Hit and Run Suspect Remove Bike

Michael Wayne Jenkins Michael Wayne Jenkins

Bedford Co., VA – A witness to a deadly hit and run saw the driver pull a bicycle out from under his SUV, according to a search warrant.

Michael Wayne Jenkins, 26, is charged with hit and run resulting in death. State Police say Sean McQuaid, 53, was riding a bicycle around 8:30 p.m. Friday on Route 122 near Route 24 when he was hit by Jenkins. McQuaid died Saturday at Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

According to a search warrant filed in Bedford County Circuit Court, a witness described the vehicle that hit McQuaid as a dark gray or black SUV driven by young, white male. The witness told police the suspect got out of the vehicle, removed the bicycle from underneath, but did not help the victim before leaving the scene.

Around 10:20 p.m. Friday, the Bedford County Sheriff's Office says Jenkins called 911 to report his house on Snowberry Hill Drive and pickup truck were both on fire. Deputies say when firefighters arrived the house was not on fire. When firefighters attempted to put out the vehicle fire, the sheriff's office says Jenkins pushed them away and threw objects at the fire trucks.

Deputies arrested Jenkins on the scene and took him to jail. The sheriff's office says firefighters later called for deputies to return to the scene, after discovering a damaged SUV outside Jenkins' home.

According to the search warrant, that SUV fit the description of the vehicle seen by the hit and run witness. The search warrant says the SUV had extensive damage to the front end, hood, and windshield. A special agent with Virginia State Police determined the damage is consistent with a vehicle/bicycle collision. The warrant says Jenkins is the registered owner of the SUV.

The search warrant says curved marks on the front of the SUV indicate it was being cleaned when the fire department arrived. Police found a bottle of cleaner in the driveway, according to the warrant.

Police also seized ‘broken plastic glass' and a dark long-sleeved shirt from Jenkins' property. At the jail police seized Jenkins' cell phone, clothing, boots, a clothing bag, and a DNA swab from Jenkins.

The search warrant says Jenkins wife told a State Trooper she'd been texting with her husband Friday evening. In his last text at 7:47 p.m. Jenkins told his wife he was leaving the house to get something to eat, according to the warrant.

State Police had been looking for a Ford Edge SUV as the suspect vehicle in the hit and run. The vehicle that was on fire outside Jenkins' home was a Chevrolet pickup, according to the fire marshal.

Police believe Jenkins set fire to the pickup. In addition to hit and run, Jenkins is charged with assaulting a firefighter, throwing a missile at an occupied vehicle, and public intoxication.

Jenkins will be arraigned Wednesday morning. He's being held at the Bedford Adult Detention Center.

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