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Persistent Snows Keeping Early Gardeners Inside


Lynchburg, VA – The spring season of back and forth weather has been a headache for those ready to start gardening.

Some are worried the late snows have put planting behind schedule.

For many Sunday, it seemed like we experienced all four seasons in one day.

Many folks were caught off guard as snowflakes began to fall around the Lynchburg area; remnants of a long winter that has dragged into early spring.

"A few customers came in today and said ‘I was going to start working in the yard today, but it started snowing this morning as I was walking out of church,'" said Philip Helbling, Manager of VA Garden Supply.

After the last snow storm, Virginia Garden Supply says their store was filled with people ready to start their spring planting. It's something they haven't been able to do because of weather fluctuations this year.

"It's kind of slowed people down quite a bit, but they are still gearing up trying to grow things inside the house," Helbling said.

Helbling says even the trees are a few weeks behind when they usually bloom. He also says many customers have been coming in trying to repair some of the damage the cold weather did to their shrubs.

"They've had their broccoli get stunted their lettuce get stunted. So they are debating whether to start another crop of them or wait and start their summer crops," Helbling explained.

Helbling says now is a good time to start planting tomato, melon and pepper seeds. He suggests growing them inside to get a jump start this season.

"Everything is just kind of backed up a little bit early, but I think spring will be good as long as weather holds out. It's just we are starting a little bit later than when we are used to," Helbling said.

This time last year we had a particularly wet spring, which also made it difficult for gardeners to start planting.

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