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Group Uses Feral Cats To Attract Attention


Roanoke, VA - Is attracting more feral cats to your neighborhood the bestway to advertise an organization's work?

One group thinks so.

Old Southwest, Incorporated is leaving door hangers on homes throughout theHighland Park neighborhood in Roanoke.

The ads give neighbors tips on how to attract the cats to their property bydoing things like leaving tuna and catnip strips out.

"We wanted to go with a tongue in cheek advertising to get neighborsaware of our neighborhood organization. You have department stores andautomobile companies going through these routes of just unconventional type ofadvertising and it works and we're thinking this will work for us," saidgroup President, Jason Cromer.

At the end of the mailing, though, they do let the cat out of the bag anddeclare it all a hoax for April Fools'.

The goal is to raise awareness for their group, a neighborhood cleanup setfor Saturday and for feral cats.

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