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Inge Enjoying Life After Pro Baseball


Lynchburg - 13-year Major League veteran Brandon Inge threw out the first pitch for Saturday's Lynchburg Little League Opening Ceremonies.


With his playing days behind, the 36-year-old says he's excited to shift the spotlight from him to more important things.

Brandon Inge, 13-YEAR MLB VETERAN, said "I get to focus on my kids.  I get to enjoy the game of baseball now.  I don't have to work so hard and work out so much any more.  I can spend my time playing with my boys and that's what I was looking forward to."


Inge's 9-year-old son Tyler will play in the Upper Minors Division, 6-year-old Chase in the Coach-Pitch league.  At his sons' urging, Dad will help coach their teams.  He agreed to be an assistant, but NOT the head coach.

Inge said "No, I don't want the headache of all the other stuff.  Parents coming to me about playing time, I don't deal with that.  I'm gonna let the head coach deal with that, I'm just gonna teach them baseball."

Inge knows plenty about the game.  He says his best memory is playing in the World Series. And less than a year removed from the bigs, Inge is having no problems making the transition.

Inge said "I pretty much covered everything that I could probably cover in my career.  I left it all on the field and I don't have any regrets and now I'm happy to be where I am."

When did he KNOW it was time to retire?

Inge said "When you see some of these young kids coming up and they're throwing 100 miles an hour.  I don't think my eyes could cover 100 miles an hour any more.  So I think that's about when I said alright, it's about time to get out of here."



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