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Appomattox Fights Meth Labs With New Restitution Ordinance

Appomattox County, VA -

Appomattox Co., VA - Appomattox County is fighting back against the high cost of cleaning up methamphetamine labs.

A new ordinance, passed by the County Board of Supervisors, now requires convicted meth lab owners to pay restitution towards the cleanup costs of removing and cleaning the former lab. Similar ordinances exist in Lynchburg, Bedford County, and other localities.

Sheriff Barry Letterman moved for the ordinance, after a mobile meth lab was busted in January, and left taxpayers with a bill for more than $1,500. Under the new ordinance, that cost would be tacked onto existing fines and penalties.

The high cost of cleaning up meth labs is even greater in the home. According to Joe Mazzuca, from Meth Lab Cleanup LLC, an average cost of a home cleanup can range up to $25,000. This is because, according to Mazzuca, "If one room comes back out of compliance, the whole house is considered contaminated, and the whole house would the undergo decontamination."

Remediation can be a concern for existing homeowners, as well. However, home test kits can be purchased, in order to test for any lingering meth residue.

Whatever the cost of cleanup, Sheriff Letterman wants to make sure that they don't become the burden of Appomattox taxpayers. Said Letterman, "It isn't fair for citizens, the taxpayers, to pay for cleanup for bad decisions people make."

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