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School Officials Stress the Importance of Pre-Registering Your Child for Kindergarten


Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Schools and the organization Smart Beginnings both say parents need to realize the importance of pre-registering their child for kindergarten. It can really be a hassle to wait until August.

"We want every four year old who's planning to go to kindergarten next year to go ahead and get out and register for school," said Karen Wesley who is the Director of Smart Beginnings, Central Virginia.

Smart Beginnings is an organization that focuses on early childhood development and education.

"We really consider ready schools, ready communities, ready families, and ready children. So this is just part of the whole picture of having everyone on board and getting ready for the same thing so that the children are in a better position to succeed," said Wesley.

Smart Beginnings works with school systems to achieve the goals. Right now, part of that is getting kids registered for kindergarten.

"It enables the schools to prepare, it actually enables families to be more prepared, and children to be more prepared," said Wesley.

Director of Instruction for Lynchburg City Schools, Brian Wray, says it's helpful for schools to know how many students will be entering the system. That way they can adjust their staffing to accommodate the numbers.

"For instance this year we had 130 children in Lynchburg that did not attend a preschool, so those children if they came to kindergarten registration, we'd know that those additional 130 students would be attending our schools," said Wray.

Parents need to bring a birth certificate, two pieces of proof of residency, and immunization records for your child. Smart Beginnings has placed registration packets in places like preschools, churches, and health clinics to remind parents and get the word out that early registration is so important.

"We're better prepared to receive them and the students are better prepared to have a successful beginning of the school year when we do the pre-registration," said Wray.

Smart Beginnings says they worked with school systems to keep the pre-registration date consistent. For Lynchburg City, Campbell, Amherst, and Appomattox counties -- pre-registration is April 23 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. If you live in Bedford County, registration was Wednesday, but Karen Wesley said that if you missed it, call the school and they will help you register your child.

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