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LGH Emergency Room Sees Long Wait Times


Lynchburg,VA - No one wants a long wait in the emergency room, but depending on when you get there, you could be waiting quite a while.

After someone complained about a long wait there recently, we went to Centra to get their take.

The Director of Emergency Services at Centra says timing is everything. He said they get referrals from all over the region since they are one of the only Emergency Facilities around.

He said, at times, they can have ten to 15 ambulances pulling up to the doors per hour. It's important you only come for emergencies.

Although the hospital says they will accept and treat anyone who enters the emergency department, it is those with major emergencies that will be treated first.

So if you come to the emergency room with a common cold or sore throat, you may be waiting all day.

Those people would be better off going to a primary care physician.

So what constitutes an emergency? Centra says anything you would call 9-1-1 for -- broken limbs, burns, major cuts, heart attacks, strokes, things like that.

"When patients have a life-threatening condition they're seen immediately and then everyone else unfortunately is seen later and at times if we're receiving a large number of very sick patients it can take a long time for people that don't have emergency medical conditions to be seen," said Dr. James Frenchik, the Medical Director of Emergency Services.

Centra says ER wait times are a problem across the country, but they're doing what they can to fight it.

They are opening a new full Emergency and Trauma Center in Gretna by December and are set to open an urgent care center on Lakeside Drive in Lynchburg early in 2015.

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