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Millions Of Recalled Cars Pose Potential Threat


Roanoke, VA - This year alone, more than 12 million cars have been recalled in what is shaping up to be the biggest year for recalls we have seen in history.

To get a perspective, automakers recalled 22 million cars in ALL of LAST year.

And while getting this year's batch of recalls satisfied the bigger concern may be those who never pay attention to recall notices and continue driving unsafe cars. 

According to safety experts, with the help of Carfax, more than 36 million cars are out there on our nation's roads; cars that have been ordered into recall but cars that have yet to be fixed. That is roughly one third of all cars issued a recall notice.

Amy Owen's 2005 Cobalt is caught up in GM's recent recall of more than two million vehicles.

"The car would just shut off for no reason at all, so yeah... I was afraid to drive it," said Owen.

The dealership told her car wouldn't get fixed until October.

She didn't want to be one of those 36 million defective cars out there on the streets... so her dealership gave her a rental until the repairs are done.

"If it was going to be a month I would have risked it but not all summer long in a car that I genuinely feel unsafe in," said Owen.

One big problem auto makers seem to have is an over-abundance of caution which, those same experts say, leads to a passive public.

This is Rickie Wilson's third recall.

She says unlike the first two, this one was clearly more serious, and she too was offered a rental car.

Regardless, she thinks it's everyone's responsibility to follow recalls even as minor as some may seem.

"I think that if the company takes enough time to call you or send you a paper than I think as a consumer you should have the responsibility to take yours and have it done," said Wilson.

The current G-M recall follows the verified deaths of at least 13 people with as many as 290 others also having possibly been killed - according to the Center for Auto Safety.

You can see if you have a car that has been recalled by going to

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