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Faith-Based Movies Strike It Big On The Big Screen

Lynchburg, VA -

The concept of a faith based movie is nothing new. It's been 54 years since Charlton Heston parted the Red Sea in "The Ten Commandments".

However, new religious films have been finding success on the big screen. "Noah", starring Russell Crowe, made nearly $250 million at the box office, while the college drama "God's Not Dead" turned a $2 million dollar production, into over $40 million in ticket sales.

Stephan Schultze, Executive Director for the Liberty University Cinematic Arts Department, says that Christian audiences are looking for fresh entertainment that suits their beliefs. Schultze went on, saying "They're willing to start looking at comedies, things outside the drama, and start looking at a broader scope of entertainment."

The film school at Liberty is in it's second year of operation, with the first round of seniors graduating in May. For young filmmakers, the upgrades in student facilities will help grads to have all the skills necessary to make the jump to Hollywood.

Department Assistant Andrew Murphy noted that most of the equipment used at LU can be found in major motion picture studios. Murphy said "We desire that students have the same experience here with technology that they would on any other set or production."

More big budget religious movies to come, include Nicolas Cage's starring role in the "Left Behind" reboot in October. With these successes, new avenues for religious filmmakers continue to be opened, with every ticket purchased.

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