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Amherst Baseball Sweeps District Honors

Seminole District

All District Baseball


1st Team

Nathan Trevillian                                          Pitcher                        Amherst

Hunter Floyd                                                 Pitcher                        Amherst

Peyton Maddox                                             Catcher                      Amherst

Michael Story                                                Infielder                     Amherst

Brett Yates                                                     Infielder                     Brookville

Reid Bryant                                                   Infielder                     Brookville

Dakota Minnix                                              Infielder                     Rustburg

DA Christian                                                 Outfielder                   Amherst

Hunter Floyd                                                 Outfielder                   Amherst

Kane Bryant                                                  Outfielder                   Heritage

Carson Stanley                                              DH                              Rustburg

Jacob Orme                                                   At Large                     Amherst

Camdyn Smith                                              At Large                     Jefferson Forest

Josh Whalen                                                  At Large                     Liberty

2nd Team

Matt Dooley                                                   Pitcher                        Brookville

Drew Calohan                                               Pitcher                        Rustburg

Zach Duff                                                      Catcher                      Jefferson Forest

Will Keesee                                                    Infielder                     Amherst

Dylan  Oleson                                                 Infielder                     Liberty

Austin West                                                   Infielder                     Rustburg

Drew Calohan                                               Infielder                     Rustburg

Keyton Elliott                                                Infielder                     Jefferson Forest

Zack Hammersmith                                      Outfielder                   Heritage

Marshall Davis                                              Outfielder                   Heritage

Taylor Bell                                                     Outfielder                   Jefferson Forest

Spencer Jones                                                DH                              Heritage

Jason Thacker                                               At Large                     Amherst

Chris Mason                                                  At Large                     Brookville

Honorable Mention

Woody Hammock                                         Pitcher                        Brookville

Zach Hammersmith                                      Pitcher                        Heritage

Spencer Jones                                                Pitcher                        Heritage

Indiana Hall                                                   Pitcher                        Jefferson Forest

Tyler Lucy                                                     Pitcher                        Jefferson Forest

Lancer Parker                                               Pitcher                        Liberty

Hunter Campbell                                          Pitcher                        Rustburg

Jacob Wooten                                                Catcher                      Brookville

Caleb Howell                                                 Catcher                      EC Glass

Jacob Cassidy                                                Catcher                      Heritage

Austin Porter                                                 Catcher                      Liberty

Eric Justice                                                    Catcher                      Rustburg

Ben Coulter                                                   Infielder                     Brookville

Dylan  Womack                                             Infielder                     Heritage

Luke Bryant                                                  Infielder                     Heritage

Hunter Campbell                                          Infielder                     Rustburg

Hunter Neighbors                                         Outfielder                   Amherst

Caleb Hanks                                                  Outfielder                   Brookville

Ben Hogg                                                       Outfielder                   Brookville

Tim Smith                                                      Outfielder                   EC Glass

Sean Burch                                                    Outfielder                   Jefferson Forest

Sam Inge                                                        Outfielder                   Rustburg

Will Morris                                                    Outfielder                   Rustburg

Hunter Hurt                                                   Outfielder                   Rustburg

Nathan Trevillian                                          DH                              Amherst

Josh Stone                                                      DH                              Brookville

Pitcher Of The Year

Nathan Trevillian   Amherst

Player Of The Year

Peyton Maddox       Amherst

Coach Of The Year

Joey Crawford        Amherst

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