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Online Wine Club Slated to Change Wine Game for Both Producers and Consumers

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Online wine club, Wine Club World is slated for launch in Summer of 2014, offering both novice and experienced wine drinkers access to the lesser known, hard to find varietals from wineries and vineyards around the globe.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA – July 10, 2014 /MM-SM/ —

Slated to launch in Summer of this year, Wine Club World is poised to change how the world looks at and experiences wine. The combined “brainchild” of the California based partnership of successful CPA, Ken Sorenson and world renowned Tennis Pro and entrepreneur, Nathan Willingham in addition to the founder of the marketing company, Wildflower Enterprises, LLC, Jennifer Finnell of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the online wine club is designed to promote vineyards otherwise unable to gain the exposure afforded to the larger wineries, in conjunction with the ability for consumers to purchase varietals previously unavailable online.

“While any winery can become a participant in the club, our primary focus is on the ‘Mom and Pop’ vineyards that produce wonderful wines but don’t have the available marketing to promote their product world-wide,” stated Finnell. “We want to provide a platform where these small production vineyards get global exposure, while offering wine lovers everywhere access to various wines that they could never have tried before Wine Club World.”

A membership based club, the concept of Wine Club World is not new in its most basic function. The innovation that separates the club from the many other online wine clubs today is its diversity. Offering varietals from numerous vineyards based in a broad array of North American regions and eventually the entire globe, the variety far exceeds standard wine club fare.

“Our initial concentration is in the AVA valleys (American Viticultural Areas) of California; Napa, Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara, for example,” continued Finnell. “But the reach of the club is global. Vineyards from all around the world are knocking on our door, wanting to be a part of this ‘new-age’ wine club and we couldn’t be more excited to bridge the gap between wine producers and wine lovers from every walk of life.”

Including an extensive educational section, Wine Club World will provide both the novice wine drinker and experienced connoisseur the ability to learn about different wines, regions and specific vineyards. In addition, each Wine Club World participant vineyard will feature in depth information regarding the vineyard, its history and the varietals produced.

“Our wine education sections are among the many unique features on Wine Club World,” Willingham offered. “A large percentage of wine drinkers don’t really know why they like a particular wine or what makes that wine so satisfying. We will comprehensively answer those questions on the club website through those educational pieces.”

Anticipating a huge response from the wine drinking public, Finnell, Willingham and Sorenson are preparing for Wine Club World to quickly become one of the top ranked online wine clubs in the world.

“Based on the number of vineyards and private investors who are clamoring to be a part of Wine Club World,” added Finnell. “It’s our belief that this is the wave of the future for online wine clubs and we’re thrilled to be setting the standard!”

Estimated launch is set for mid-summer and, according to partner Ken Sorenson, the “WCW” team is on pace to hit that mark for rolling out the official club website. Pending the launch, private membership and vineyard sign up is available on through a contact link to the partners.

For more information on pre-registration to Wine Club World, prior the mid-Summer launch, visit , and go to for launch updates.

JD Arbuckle is a freelance journalist specializing in consumer education on wine and wine clubs.

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