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19-Year-Old College Student Sees Exponential Success in Joint Venture Brokering

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Miami Beach, FL – July 20, 2014 /MM-PressAdvantage/ —

A nineteen-year-old college student found a way to pay his rent, as well as his tuition, car payment, vacations and toys. Jason Cox of Albuquerque, NM is living the good life after finding success in joint venture brokering. Within the first 72-hours of his new work-from-home, part-time business, Mr. Cox made $2,000. However, the success didn’t stop there. Within two months, he earned $17,730.50 of net profit. This incredible success has since continued for the college student working just a few hours per week from home as a joint venture broker.

Joint venture brokering is an increasingly-popular business networking pursuit that pays high-figure sales commissions without having to sell a product, maintain a storefront, etc. Joint venture brokering is essentially the human version of Linkedin but with commissions involved. A joint venture broker connects two or more businesses people who share a similar customer base. Upon introduction, the broker negotiates a commission to be earned off any proceeds stemming from any joint venture business activity between the newly acquainted parties.

This is the simple activity that earned Jason Cox big returns and continues to pay his way through college. For example, Jason may know a hair stylist and an aesthetician. He introduces the two professionals and they decide to leverage their similar customer bases. The stylist sends a promotional email to all members of her customer database offering a new-client discount on any service by the aesthetician. The aesthetician, in return, does the same to her client base for the stylist. Because Jason was responsible for the professional introduction, both the aesthetician and stylist agree to pay him a commission on each new transaction generated by this joint venture promotion.

In this case, the cross promotion between aesthetician and hair stylist is the joint venture. Jason is the joint venture broker because he introduced them. Joint ventures are historically one of the most efficient business marketing activities with the highest return. Business owners have been creating their own joint venture relationships for years and also helping others do the same through professional introductions. Now, however, those same business owners are being compensated for instigating introductions that result in successful joint venture activities.

Joint venture brokers are, essentially, individuals who connect other professionals for joint venture, profit-making activities. Brokers pre-negotiate a percentage of profits earned from the joint venture that they helped create to be paid as commission to themselves. Joint venture brokers are well-connected business networkers who find and connect business people with shared or similar customer bases.

About Jason and JV Brokering Mastery

Jason Cox is one joint venture broker who saw immediate success and is paid well for his networking abilities. He credits much of his success to the training system JV Brokering Mastery, created by Joint Venture expert Marc Goldman.

Mr. Goldman says: “JV Brokering Mastery is a proven step-by-step joint venture brokering system that has helped countless networkers get paid for their connections.”

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